On Arrival

We recommend that you plan to have at least 3 transition sessions, before your child starts, where you stay with your child and help them settle and explore. This way we also all get to know each other. These transition sessions are free.

When you arrive each day, please ensure you sign and put in the time of arrival on the Attendance Register at Reception. Please also do this when you leave. We need to know who is here for emergencies and it is also a requirement for the Ministry of Education. Please feel free to ring the Rainbow at anytime if you have any concerns.

If alternative arrangements are to be made for the child leaving the Rainbow, please let us know; phone us on 327-3232.


Please send a packed lunchbox for your child, and a piece of fruit for sharing.   We offer toast first thing in the morning, and then children are able to eat from their lunch boxes & fruit platters throughout the day.   We also prepare a shared afternoon tea (often using the eggs from our chickens).  Water is provided throughout the day.

Please provide bottles of your own formula for your infant as necessary. Also, any other special food they may require.

Please do not include sweets in your child’s lunch box – we ask that roll-ups, lollies, chocolate and fizzy drinks be kept as treats at home. We also recommend that children’s lunch boxes contain a good selection of healthy food choices …. We can provide suggestions regarding this.

Due to the possibility of choking and allergic reactions, peanuts, including those in nut bars and peanut butter, are not permitted at the Rainbow.

Parent Library

We have a Parent Library where there is a selection of books and magazines on parenting topics. These are available for you to borrow – see bookshelf in the foyer.

Notice of Intention to Leave

Two weeks notice is required when your child leaves the Rainbow. The holding fee will apply if your child does not attend during the notice period.


Some requirements are necessary for the efficient operation of any organisation. We have tried to keep ours to a minimum, while not leaving out important points.

  • Please contact the Rainbow as soon as possible if your child is unable to attend preschool on the day they are scheduled to attend.
  • For children in nappies; please provide your own. For children who are toilet training; please provide lots of changes of clothes.
  • Sunhats and at least SPF30 sunscreen will be provided for the children during summer on warm/hot days.
  • All clothing & shoes that can be removed must be clearly named.
  • Please dress your child in appropriate play clothes, and provide a change for water/messy play.
  • In winter children need to bring a warm jacket and hat.
  • For easy identification bags must be clearly marked at the front. We can provide you with a name tag – please ask.
  • Please provide a Wet Bag for wet/dirty clothing.
  • To comply with health regulations, children carrying infectious diseases will be excluded from the Rainbow until a doctor’s certificate is presented.
  • If your child arrives home with an item of clothing or equipment belonging to the Rainbow or another child, please return it ASAP.


The following procedures must be followed if the Rainbow is to be a safe place for your child:

  • NO SMOKING, OR DRUGS OR ALCOHOL on the premises.
  • Gates and latches must be kept shut at all times. Please do not allow other children to follow you through doors, gates or into carpark.
  • We would prefer that childrne do not bring toys unless they need a comforter or special sleeping toy. Staff cannot be responsible for lost or broken toys from home.
  • Children are never to be collected by any person other than those named on the enrolment form unless the Centre Manager or Team Leader have been informed.

Health Regulations

Staff may refuse to accept any child suffering from a contagious or infectious disease.
In particular:-

  • No child can be left if they have had ailments such as vomiting, diarrhoea, rash or a raised temperature within the last 48 hours.
  • We must be informed if your child contracts Rubella (German measles).
  • We must be informed if a child has any allergies or health problems that may require special consideration.
  • If a parent is contacted, because their child is unwell, they must arrange for immediate collection of the child.

If your child should have a serious accident and we believe they require medical attention we will use the
Kaiapoi Medical Centre
- 69 Fuller St, Kaiapoi.
- 03 327 5115


If your child is sick, please let us know as soon as possible and make alternative arrangements for their care.


If medication needs to be taken at the Rainbow, please inform a staff member as to the correct procedure to follow.

Centre Policies & Procedures

Centre policies & procedures and financial statements are available for viewing by parents/caregivers at any time. Parents’ contributions to the centre policies & procedures are welcomed.

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