Our Hours:

The Rainbow is open from 7.30 am to 5.30 pm, Monday to Friday, but in the case of necessity we can accomodate children from 7 am to 6 pm - it's best to discuss your individual needs with us.  Minimum attendance is 3 hours, twice a week.  We try to be flexible to meet the needs of our families, so if you need to extend hours from time to time, then usually this is no problem.   We open all year apart from statutory holidays, and over Christmas and New Year we close for about 3 weeks.


Our Fees:

The fee is $5.30 per hour. Payment is preferred upon receipt of invoice, unless prior arrangement has been made with the Centre Manager or Office Administrator.

For children 3 and over we offer the Government Funded 20 hours ECE (to a maximum of 6 hours/day).   In addition to this we also offer an additional 4 free hours for 4 year olds (24 hours), and 10 free hours for 5 year olds (30 hours).

There is also a charge of $15 a term to cover special and family events, morning teas and special preschool events, eg disco, parent information evenings. This fee becomes optional when you take up the 20 hours ECE funding.

Work and Income childcare subsidies may be available to you – we can provide information regarding eligibility, or
Ph 0800 559 009 to enquire directly.

When your child is absent their normal fee is charged to hold your child’s space. This is standard practice in Childcare Centres to cover ongoing costs, as staffing levels must still be maintained. If you drop off earlier or pick up later than your booked time you may also incur extra charges.


On Arrival

When you're starting at The Rainbow, it's important that you plan to have at least 3 sessions, before your child starts, where you stay with your child and help them settle and explore. This way we also all get to know each other. These transition sessions are free.

When you arrive each day, please make sure you sign and put in the time of arrival on the Attendance Register at Reception. Please also do this when you leave.  This is a Ministry of Education requirement, and necessary for Contact Tracing and Emergencies.  .

If alternative arrangements are to be made for the child leaving the Rainbow, please let us know; phone us on 327-3232 or 0212333504.

Hazel Hope


All other important information is contained in our Enrolment Pack - and we're available to answer any questions you may have at any stage of the process.


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